Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Changing My Regulars!

Hey guys, today I thought I'd actually show you some new hair care I've been using.
As I have thick hair and its getting longer I thought that I should take better care of it. As you all know I'm a fan of L'oreal hair care products and i use them - once to twice a week with a shampoo and conditioner and deep conditioner on the ends (on a Sunday). Because my hair is thick and naturally greasy it's quite disgusting if i leave it with just dry shampoo because even blow drying my hair makes it greasy. Usually during the week I'll only use shampoo twice but conditioner two times a week and just water on two other days that way on the Sunday when its being deeply conditioned it won't be looking too dirty by then. Usually on the day I deep condition I also use a clarifying shampoo therefore my week goes like this;
Monday: Shampoo (and conditioner sometimes)
Tuesday: Shampoo 
Wednesday: Conditioner
Thursday; Conditioner
Friday: Water
Saturday: Water 
Sunday: Clarifying Shampoo and Deep conditioner

For my conditioner on one of the days and my shampoo I've been trying something new - this is because my mother went to an event for work where she received a lot of free stuff like face wipes, toothpaste and shampoo/conditioner
Because I had ran out of my regular shampoo I decided to use the free stuff 

This Pantene Repair and Protect has done exactly what it says on the bottle - because I used to have pixie cut hair It's taken a long time to grow out to were it is now. Therefore I've had a lot of split ends this shampoo has really helped. If you're growing your hair out or it's damaged and tired - this stuff is really great. It's often on special offer in shops and quite cheap anyway.

Until tomorrow, 

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