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The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan

The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan
I read The Lifeboat a few months a go when my mum brought it for me from a trip she went on. I'd say this book is a Drama with a slight spin off feeling although it is nothing like you'd expect it to be like. It has a very Titanic (1912) like feeling because it is based on a sinking of a ship and it is based just after the actual Titanic's sinking - this book is a first account from the life boat that sets off with a number of characters based on one member of the boats actions and experiences on the life boat. This book is based after the Titanic in Europe 1914 on the brink of war. There you can really feel the under-empowerment of woman, the strength and power of the men and the treatment between rich and poor.

The boat is written in the account of the wife of a rich man - her name is Grace. The ship they're on is en route to New York City but has an explosion in a mystery area of the boat. The boat is based mainly on the lifeboat but has a small section on the actual ship. 
Each character on the life boat has to establish some form of power because it is over crowded - Some will live, some have to die. 
The book is set on a three week basis, while the passengers plot, gossip and scheme with each other. 

Charlotte Rogan has really claimed a insight into how each character feels even if the book is based on the account of the one woman. You can really feel the drama and hopelessness they feel on the life boat. If you like period dramas, titanic like stories, first accounts or anything like that - you will love this. 

I loved this book and would happily read some other books Charlotte Rogan has written but cannot sadly find any although i think this is her only book.

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