Saturday, 6 July 2013

Zap your spots away!

Now, i do not have a problem with getting spots nowadays and if i do - it's usually a hormonal breakout of atleast 3 tiny spots which go in a day or two. My skin thankfully does not scar and is not prone to getting the big hefty ones which hurt, if i get them its in my scalp line out of sight and i don't usually realize they are there.
However apart from when i wash my wash with cleanser and use toner, moisturizer etc etc. I use either a blemish stick or gel with either witch hazel or tea tree in.
I can't use cream washes to get rid of spots or mud masks because they end up burning my skin, when i was about 11-12 i got LOADS of spots, i mean.. loads and i only used facial wipes so i'm glad now that i use sometime i don't get anything.
I love the Witch Naturally Clear line, they have face washes, nose strips, blemish treatments, primer and concealer which do no harm to your skin. if i get a spot i will use the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Gel which fights the spot and gets rid of excess oils in your pores and then i will use the Blemish Stick which goes on Cool but will heat up as it's working when i use these, my spots are gone or calmed by the next day. However you cannot use these on spots which have been popped or opened by scratching because it will BURN. The only thing i do not use from this line is the face wash.
This was yesterday's post sorry it is late, have a good day!
A book review will be up either tomorrow or tonight.


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