Thursday, 11 July 2013

Whats on the Nails today #1

Side note: Sorry yesterday's post was not put on because i have no new hair products at the moment. 

It's been beautiful in England so it's time for some bright colours on the nails! I usually go for pinks, reds and greens but lately i've been trying some blues, whites and yellows so today i applied some blue as i got a few compliments on it i decided to show you guys. 

I recently got a set of six mini's from Nails inc - today i'm wearing Royal Botanical Gardens which is a mint cyan blue on four nails an on one end i'm wearing Kensington Palace Gardens which is a pretty salmon pale pink. 

They apply quite well and you can do 1-2 coats but i prefer doing two, i apply a base and top coat because i  like my nails to be chip resistant and shiny, i find when my nails are just matte i don't get as many compliments. 

This is the end result, i usually do two colours on nails because i find i peel off one colour because i get bored of just one, although i don't know if i'm the only one but.. peeling off nail varnish is so fun! 

Until the next one, 

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