Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What's on my Face #3

Today i went for something a little different, i usually go for quite natural colours on my eyes and cheeks - i don't really wear lipstick unless i'm going out and don't actually even wear make up in the house at all.
In England it's getting hotter.. in fact its been the hottest day of the year this week so a lot of sunburn, freckles and puffy watery eyes but today i'm fine.. yeah i have some horrible look freckles and some burn but other than that i'm fine. So I've kept my foundation minimal with just a powder and concealer - I'm using the name Powder as last week the Natural Collection one, this is because it's light weight and easy to apply; you can't over do it. Using the Rimmel wake me up concealer again as it is easy and non cakey. 

For bronzer I'm using an old Rimmel one, and for blush I've used the Benefit Dandelion - this is lightly shimmery but I've used soap and glory's highlight just to add some definition to my cheek bones. 
For my eye shadow I've taken the Stila In the Light palette and used Bliss the third colour along on the top row as a base, for the bone I've used Sunset, the fourth colour along which is a burnt colour which some shimmer, for the outer corner i used the second colour along on the bottom row Gilded Gold. For liner i used the smudge stick in the palette which is a dark brown. And mascara i used my trusty Maybelline Mega-plush.


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