Sunday, 14 July 2013

Clannad: Random of the week!

So lately, I have gotten into graphic novels and anime, i had already watched Dragon Ball Z < courtesy of my brother when i was younger and Sailor Moon.. which i loved! But even know i'm too old for comics etc - i really wanted to get my hands on the Walking Dead novels and The sin city graphic novels. However looking through i found that i wanted to watch more anime like Sailor Moon - and so i found Fruits Basket, Clannad, Another and many more - they have some great stories and although many people may find it nerdy I really enjoy them and plan to buy the novels. 

Right now i'm getting through the second season of Clannad called Clannad: After Story - It is based around two boys aged around 16 and a group of girls in a high school together in the first series the group becomes close and tries to bring the Theatre club back for Nasaga (the main girl) who puts on a performance she remembers from her childhood. They all face challenges and at points life becomes hard for them.

Too watch this you must be able to follow subtitles well because the dialogue is spoken in Japanese but the stories within the series is great and if you enjoy anime i highly recommend this series. You get to know each and every character well and learn to love them. 

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