Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Recent Purchases (Haul)

I've been meaning to buy a few things from www.feelunique.com for some time and recently i went and did that and went a whopping amount of money but i also went into town and got a few bits so that i wouldn't have to make these purchases again in the month - things like shampoo, skincare, cotton buds and soap. Although i am skint now, i know that i'm happy and super glad that i won't have to worry about making these purchases over the next few months and i've got options for when i go out with my peers.

In town i went into boots looking for a white nail varnish - the only one i've seen and liked the thickness of is Essie's Marshmellow, which i did not want to pay that amount of money for.. so i went for the maybelline colour show in Winter Baby (£2.99 each) and because it was buy one get one half price i picked up this sparkly blue in Oceans Blue, i don't have many blue nail varnish's so i thought this one could be good for the toes and the winter; my mum also uses my nail varnish's. I then picked up the Lid Stuff palette from Soap and Glory (£8) i already had this but my base colour (the pale beige) and the shimmery brown broke when i dropped it. And the i picked up the Glow all out luminizer (£10) - i was going to buy the Balm's Mary-lou minizer (£15) but didn't want to pay that price. 

On feelunique.com i picked up the Stila In the Light Palette (£25), i can't believe how beautiful some of those shimmery colours are! Kitten is probably my favorite like so many other girls, i also picked up the Balm's Nude Tude Naughty palette (£26), i thought this although great for summer and winter with the warmer colours i thought would be great for nights out with those deep shimmery colours. 
I always like to pick up the Benefit boxes because it gives me the chance to pick up the products and try them out without having to buy the full size, this one has the dandelion blush which I've wanted for a few years. (£25.50)
I then picked up the Summer Collection from Nails' inc although they are mini i don't mind because the full size for one is £10 which i think is completely over prices and for 6 at the price of £22 i thought it was a bargain. 

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