Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Product Empties #1

Sorry no new hair products again this week and next week - So I thought because I don't have anything new to show you I thought I'd do my product empties because the products need to be thrown away desperately I'll also mini-review each other these products to tell you if i liked them, what they are like and if i will repurchase them.

1) Body Shops Walnut Scrub - I love this stuff, although it freaks my mum out when she see's bits of it in the buffer (it looks like flees) it smells like ice cream or something else I cannot remember from my childhood - I've already repurchased it because it is so great and it exfoliates really well as well. The only downside is that the body butter for this does not smell as nice and the range of 'Walnut' is limited edition. The product costs £12.50 and can be found here: . They now have a new limited edition product as the Walnut runs out - Vineyard Peach is the newest - I cannot wait to try it!!

2) Body Shops Grapefruit Scrub - As you can tell, I really like body scrubs, but grapefruits one of my favorite scents as far as body products go but at this time of year I'm kind of thankful to be rid of this because of BUGS! Literally I attract insects after this so, this time of year I will not be repurchasing it however when Spring comes along again I will. My summer scents are citrusy and nutty but this is a bit too sweet. It is also £12.50 and can be found here: This body scrub until the Walnut - is more of a gel like form whereas the Walnut is a creamy consistency. 

Witch Hazel Skin Perfecting Primer - I like the witch hazel brand and have a lot of their products because they all fight spots even when i'm wearing makeup - the scent is fresh and keeps your foundation on your face while covering large pores. A lot of brands can dupe this also, but the primer is only sold in Superdrug as they have a large range compared to boots. I have repurchased this time and time again and will continue to at a cheap price of £4.66 for a large pot 

Sure Maximum Protection deodorant - I find it hard to find deodorants that work well for me and I may have to invest in the Lush coconut deodorant in a powder form - This sure stuff was brought by my mum who didn't like it, so she gave it to me - the consistency is like a thick cream with a strange bubbly texture to it, it took ages to dry to your armpits just stay wet on your clothes - for me this just didn't work but I'm sure it works for women who work out a lot and have busier lives. A thing I do not have so please don't let this stop you from buying it. It's quite expensive but it does last all day - literally unlike most deodorants with you have to apply constantly at a price of £5.29 and varying in other shops.

Superdrug home brands Face Masks - I brought four of these because they are always on deal for 4 for a £1 and are around 90-95p if not. So for something so inexpensive I wasn't expecting miracles - heating and cooling masks really scare me and I don't like the thought of them so i stick to peeling, mud or clay masks. Two of these worked for me - The berry exfoliate and the Dead sea clay mask, after these four I discovered I was allergic to cucumber and the rose one made my face BURN!! The dead sea clay mask made my face feel so good! And the Berry one smells so good! I will repurchase those two but I still love my Michael Todd Avacardo Mask.*&type=facemasks&brand=Superdrug that's the link for their entire range. 

Boots home brand Witch hazel pore strips - Work well like a regular nose strips, I find these really fun to do and I will also repurchase them.. simply because I've got a oily nose and it needs clearing much of the time. These ones are great value and you get around 5-6 in a pack, you just wet your nose, wait ten minutes and peel in off like a plaster, then.. if your me, see how disgusting your nose is. 

No7 Translucent Powder - I have already repurchased this, i love it, its great because.. I pretty much am translucent in complexion so it also works as a light powder foundation for me. Don't worry guys I'm not a ghost. I get the shade 05 and it is priced at £11.50 for more click here:

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