Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Summer Nail Collection - Whats on my Nails #2

Hey guys, today I thought I'd give a sneak peak into some of my many many favorite nail varnishes for summer however this is not it.. today I thought I'd just show a few. There is nine in this collection but I may do favorite Barry M, Ciate and so on for next week because I tend to stick to collections I know - the vast majority or my collection is Barry M, Rimmel and Revlon because I love the formula's.

From the back I've recently shown one of these:
Nails Inc Mini Summer Collection - Kensington Palace Gardens which is the pink and Chelsea Physic Gardens which is the little blue - i love these the formula is really nice and you only need one coat - the full size bottles are £10.
Models Own - Scented in Banana Split - Some of them are not scented and it's just the top - this one has a strange smell to it but it's not bad. You need around 2-3 coats of these because it's a pastel yellow and the formula is quite sheer but nice with a top coat. 
Rimmels 60 Second in 210 Ethereal - I like this for work - I'm only allowed natural colours so this is a good sheer but noticable shade, its really nice when the light hits it and only needs around 2 coats. 
Revlon 580 Eclectric - This is a really nice pastel colour - It's more green when you put it on and needs around 1-2 coats but it's really nice with a top coat or glitter (I especially like one of revlons moon candys)
Maybelline Colour Show - Winter Baby and The Pow Green  - I've always wanted a white nail varnish but I wanted Essies Marshmellow so this had to do until payday. I like it and it's really even with one coat, the green only needs one coat because it is a true neon green and I love it. 
Barry M's Hi-shine Gellys 322 Mango - I love this orange and it's my only orange apart from corals, it's great if you want wanna wear anything bright and just wants spot of colour, people always notice this colour on me. 
Ciate - Sadly the name of this has rubbed off but it's great for work and a neutral look, this can be worn anything of year and needs around 2 coats for an even spreak - I have four of their nail varnishs and loved them all. Great formulas

Today I'm wearing Rimmels Ethereal because I have work, I've done around two coats and obviously had a few mess ups because I wanted to get this post done.

Until tomorrow,

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