Monday, 15 July 2013

My Night Palette

I've wanted to buy some theBalm products for a while so I thought I'd start off with their Nude tude palette - as all the colours are quite shimmery I thought they were more summer days out and night out wear.. especially the darker colours in the palette - i wore this recently for my friends birthday and I loved it, the colours are so pigmented and creamy so they blend really well. However if you do not like shimmery shades and prefer matte colours this is not the palette for you - the palette has four matte shades; one a median - dark brown called Sultry, a dark purple/maroon called Sexy, a extra dark brown called Sleek and a jet black which is great for eyeliner called Serious. All the palette is named after personality traits - my favorite shades are Snobby and Stand-offish. You can get the palette in either the naughty edition or the normal version - the only difference is that the naughty version has women on it. 

 As you can see my favorite shades are right next to each other - the yellow colour and the peachy colour.
Sassy - the white shade is great for a highlight.  And the bottom colours are great for a smokey eye over the night time. It comes with a shading and eye lining brush - although the eye lining side is a little to thick.

The palette also has a large mirror which is always handy. 
So if you like shimmer and these great colours - try this palette. 
Next on my list to buy from this brand is Down boy - the blush, Mary lounimiser and Bon jovi palette - i want the meet matte palettes but its not necessary at the moment. 

Until next time - Byeeee!

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