Monday, 29 July 2013

July Favorites!!

This weeks review and random of the week is going to be my monthly favorites, I can't believe its august in a few days it's mad! But I have been using more things more than others and I have been reaching for things less than I normally would. 

Michael Todd Hydration Boost Facial Serum - Having dry skins means that my skin is dehydrated - i loved this facial serum and made my skin feel so refreshed. It did great on clearing up dry patches and it absorbed into the skin perfectly and quickly. The scent is so nice and smelt either fresh and citrusy. It's all organic ingredients and there is nothing bad in it for your skin.
This prices at $37 but lasts a long time (for me around 4 months and used every day once a day)

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - This is a nice lip scrub but they are very easy to make with sugar and olive oil - these lush ones are edible and can be found in flavors like mint, this one however for me is slightly too sweet to lick off after use but it leaves my lips feeling great and soft.  
This prices at $5.25 for a 25g pot, it lasts around 3 weeks depending on how often you use it (I use mine everyday)

Body Shop blush - I love this blush its a nice baby doll pink, although when you swatch it, it doesn't look like much - it does transfer onto the cheeks a lot better and stays on for a good few hours needing very few touch ups.
These are £8 and come in a few shades from research i think my shade is 01 Macaroon. 

Bourjois Creme Blush in 03:  These is a great coral colour although in the pot it does transfer as a pink on the skin it is a coral shade, there is some shimmer in this so you do not need to pair this with a highlight. 

Cheek and Lip Stains - I love these stains at the moment, they stay on all stay and are not drying on the lips - i currently have three in my makeup collection - In order of the picture from left to right i have - Benefits Posie tint, this is a great classic pink, paired with a simple balm or gloss this is great, Body Shops Lip and Cheek Stain, this is the wettest of the most but instantly dry, it transfers onto the lips in a plum shade but i just finish this off with a simple body shop lip balm, And the last is the 1000 kisses Lip stain by Rimmel - i love this because it is paired with the balm which is very moistening and very good for budget buys. 

Benefits Porefessional: I love this primer, it covers pores and helps keep my make up on all day! This is the best primer I have tried so far and if you're looking for one. Look no further.

Stila in the light Palette: I've already done a review on this so check that out if you wanna see my view on it. 

Body Shop Blush Brush and Shader Brush: I don't think these brushes get enough credit, they price at around £8-12 - they are sooo good and work as good as Mac brushes, they are soft as hell and just let the makeup glide on. 

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