Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Road to Woodbury - Kirkman & Bonansinga

I've recently downloaded loads of free books for my kindle and although i love my books - kindle is good because it tells you the % of the book you've done and you get it done faster.
The first book i chose was -
The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga

This book follows the television series and graphic novels that we all know except this book is based purely on a group of four characters survival from one area to Woodbury where they come to live during this disaster - The area seems to be secure but the man who refers to himself as the 'Governor' and leads the place seems to have a lot of secrets. 
Two of the main characters Lily and her 'boyfriend' Josh know that this place isn't all that it seems but it being the only secure place around they stay and face more nightmares. They stay there with an Alcoholic called Bob who is a good medic of the group and Megan the girl who has seemed to work her way through men for weed. 
Although the names are changed if you are familiar with the television series the story is well related to that and can be followed well. 
Robert and Jay capture the fear and suspense well - You really get to understand Lily's character a lot during the book because it is solely from her perspective which is good because a lot of disaster based books do not capture the womens perspective as well as the mens. 

Robert Kirkman also wrote the graphic novels and these novels where released in October 2012 (don't count on that fact) as a spin-off to know more of a back story. The first book Road to Woodbury is also followed by another sequel Rise of the Governor. 

After the graphic novels were released - The television series and x-box/pc games where released. 
Links and information will be below and sorry about this post being a day late. 


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