Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Feeling Salty

I discovered salt sprays last year, however.. they don't work.. at all on my hair anyway..
I've tried applying them in different ways, at the roots - after washing and tying it up - when it's dry.. nothing will make my hair curly. I wake up with dead straight hair and i only use my straighter's for my one kiss curl in my fringe which I've had since i was young and for some reason curls will also never ever hold in my hair, i'll go out in the evening apply loads of spray and nope.. nothing when i get home. However even though it does not work.. i kinda love salt spray just cause of the smell.. dead sea mineral smells is my beauty guilty pleasure and sometimes i'll spray it just for the smell not even on my hair. It also adds quite a bit of volume.. i have thick hair but it does lack volume on it some days.. especially if I wash it in the morning to naturally dry (hair dryer's make my hair greasy)

This is the one i'm currently using:
It's the Rough and Tousled Salt Spray by Charles Worthington on the Front row range. God, i might just go and buy more stuff for the smell. It doesn't do the job for curls and i need help! Leave suggestions in the comments or contact me on Twitter; 

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