Sunday, 21 July 2013

Feel Unique - Random of the Week!

Hey guys, today my random of the week is a little shout out - This is not a sponsored post .
Now, I don't have a store where I can buy high end products - the closest Debenhams and John Lewis is in Exeter which is around an hour away - 50 minutes by train. So instead I tend to use a site called, this is a site for both men and women which sells things in a range of prices from drugstore buys like Rimmal, Nivea and Dove to other high end brands like Dior, Benefit and Stila. They also sell things for your health, fragences and electronics. 

I initially went on this site in the hopes of benefit products - this is because I do have a benefit counter near me but the women on it tend to be very judgmental and unfriendly. Which isn't easy to approach if you need help. Feel unique does have sales on a lot of the time and there is often free delivery to UK mainland areas. You get £5 off your first order. 

The high end brands are all cheaper than going to an actual store - they have recently added Dior into their groups of high end products along with YSL, Bare minerals, Elizabeth Arden etc etc. And they also sell brands which are harder to find in the UK - like Stila and Thebalm and IMAN.

They are currently doing a great deal as it is festival season where they have 10% products of a certain brand for just one day only. So guys, go and check this site out it's great and I'm sure if you don't already you will fall in love with it! I just thought I'd mention it because I use this site so often now that if you don't know about it; you really should! 



  1. great post - i love feel unique, they have a great selection!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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  2. Hey helen thankyou! Follow back if I follow you? And sure! :)