Friday, 26 July 2013

A Little Miracle!

I've always used Tea Tree Oil in my skincare routine but in different ways - I also knew that Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic. In most of my skin care which treats spots has tea tree oil - I love the smell and helps with black heads in things like masks and nose strips.
I have used things like - spot sticks, face masks, and strips to help with any acne I get - I have also used pure Tea Tree oil on bug bites and cuts which helps heal it naturally. 

This little guy is how I now target my spots - when I do get a spot, I get a q tip or cotton pad and apply this. After it does have a slight tingling sensation but that goes after a while - the next day the spot would have gone completely or been reduced dramatically. The smell is very strong because this is an antiseptic formula but it does help - I have even used this on my mums horse fly bite and it helped a lot and she was able to air it out more. 
If you get spots and want something more natural to apply try this! 



  1. Tea Tree Oil tends to irritate my skin, but reading that it goes away after a bit of time from this post is convincing me to try it again. Love this post xx

  2. Your welcome - its like a tingling feeling so annoying but it goes after about 5 minutes :) x

  3. I have never used This but now I will try it.I'm 58.but my skin is Not as good as when I was say in my 30s.I think bc I was pregnant too made my skin better.