Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Whats on my face #1

So it's teusday and i have a fairly busy day with very little breaks - i keep i minimal though, i'm not one for going the full works when it's a normal day unless i'm going out in the evening.
Today i've kept it simple with a CC Cream from Clinique - this is good because on hot days it keeps my skin protected with SPF 30, this is not full coverage though as it is a CC cream and you need a translucent powder above it otherwise its fairly shiny. The CC cream is a pricey product but worth the money at £28.00. The powder i'm using is a drugstore product from No7, however i'm not sure on the price but it is around £7-10 with regular coupons from Boots for £3 off. I have repurchased this time and time again and because i'm fair skinned i'm grateful it has the lightest shades.
For blush, i'm wearing two Cliniques powder sample pot in Bashful Plum. It's lasted at least 2 years and i still haven't hit pan yet and the second is Bourjois' cream blush in 03 Rose tender.
On my eyes i'm using that trusty Naked Basics palette using shades Walk of Shame and Venus to add a bit of shimmer on this beautiful day. For liquid eyeliner i use the Supercat Soap and Glory which is £6, I love this eyeliner, and have already repurchased for when this one runs dry, i do not use a pencil eyeliner on my waterline if i have used a liquid eyeliner because i have quite big eyes and don't want to make them look smaller/bigger at the same time. For mascara i use the Maybelline The Rocket which i'm sure you've heard a lot about because it is very popular however i have mine in the waterproof formula because i have extremely watery eyes.

Apologies for the quality of my camera (it's from my phone) so this is what i used in an image and until tomorrow - Enjoy and Thank you .


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