Friday, 28 June 2013

Scrub a dub dub'

I use a scrub at least twice a week, but facial scrubs are really hard for me to find and like. One; i get super dry skin and Two; it's easily freaked out by products like Simple, there are very few things which i can use from the simple line like their face wipes, eye cream and.. occasionally their facial wash (gentle). Instead i use St. Ives Apricot scrub, this is really gritty and uncomfortable on the face but i like it and it does the trick - the scent is just fresh which won't bother or irritate my skin to much. I haven't actually tried any of their other products simply because i have to be so careful - one time i brought a whole line from simple and i had these horrible patchy bits of skin, which i do not want to get to know anymore. With my skin acting fine now i may even invest in some other products from St. Ives.
Here is what the product looks like, inside and out of the product. Although i do not fight with blemishes and spots, i use this every Sunday and Tuesday just to get my face polished.

For my body, i was using the Body shop Grapefruit scrub but now i'm using this gorgeous smelling walnut one, it reminds me of something from my childhood and again, i use this twice a week randomly mainly Sunday though as it is my pamper day with face mask's and everything. I only really use the body shop one but i do have a coconut treacle moon body scrub and a philosophy one. I use these because, they're moisturizing, they don't bring up eczema and help exfoliate.  

I do however believe that unfortunately the walnut range is limited edition or it's just this scrub so get your hands on it immediately if you can because it's soooo yummy you could actually EAT IT!!!

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Thank you + Byeeeee! 

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