Thursday, 27 June 2013

Organisin' the weeks and days!

Hey guys so i haven't posted today because i'm pretty busy today - dying my mums hair for a wedding she is attending so i thought, instead of leaving you high and dry i'll tell you what i'm decided on posting weekly.

Monday: Review of a Product, or a weekly favorite

Teusday: What's on my face? because i change it up pretty often and only just started being more experimental.

Wednesday: Hair Care, anything from styling, tools and equipment anything!

Thursday: Apart from today.. Nails; i change them.. nearly daily and it's a sickness in my eyes :)

Friday: Skincare, what am i using currently and what am i loving.

Saturday: Book Review - i get through more than one a week so i thought i'd write about it.

Sunday: Comfort day, so i'll write about anything maybe leave suggestions.

At the end of every month i'll do a monthly favorites post and then hauls whenever i buy some new stuff.


Hope that helps, stay tuned!


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