Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Keeping it prim and propa'

I generally don't have problems with my hair now  - I used to dye it but now I've left it for about a year therefore it's my natural colour - a coppery brown with hints of ginger when the sun dyes it. It's only just grown to my shoulders as before i had it cropped < this took a bloody long time even though i do have Italian relations meaning my hair is THICK and grows fairly fast. I have to wash it everyday because me and my face been cursed with that thick, naturally greasy hair all people with Italian relations get.

I used to use Aussie hair care but i heard the shampoo's dry out the hair so i stopped using that and moved onto L'Oreal, now don't get me wrong - i still use Aussie because it smells AMAZING! And the smell stays all day.

I'm not to bothered by long wear treatments and masks, i am investing in the notorious macadamia one but every other day i just use L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore, which is fairly cheap and you can get them to match the Shampoo and Conditioners.

For dry shampoo, i just use the Bastiste For Brown and Median Brown hair, although i don't use dry shampoo that often, i just like keeping some on hand to add volume or get rid of a few greasy pads.
After i've showered i usually spray in some salt spray and a leave in conditioner, i use the Aussie leave in conditioner because OH MY GOD you have to smell it if you haven't.. Go on try it! 

Until tomorrow, Thank you!


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