Sunday, 12 April 2015

Taking a leap..

In late feb I decided to take yet another blogging break and try something crazy. Some people have doubted me but I know for a fact that in the end I'll get there. It has always been a dream to work with makeup but whenever I said that I always got a look of 'your not pretty enough/that's a stupid career' not everybody is intelligent in the logical sense.. I'm certainly not. I tried so hard in my A-levels even when people thought I hadn't and in the end my own body gave up and let me down for three whole months. At the end of feb and beginning of march I bit the bullet and went searching all over the internet for something that would give me a qualification in Make up art.

I really had a hard time finding something that wouldn't be going away for 3 to 6 weeks, but I had failed to see what was right in front of my face.. QC Makeup Academy right at the top of my google search DUHHH!

This blog in now going to change.. make up looks (if my camera works out) and my experience with the course. I'm currently on my second unit and a bit behind on my first goal. I'm already sick of the people i work with asking the same question 'HOWS THE COURSE' especially when I'm there a lot of my week but, I just can't wait to create my own sense of style on this course and finally find myself.

If you want any information on QC, search them online (you do have to pay to take the course) but theres other courses you can take. I'm on the Master Makeup Course. In the picture below is what I recieved in the mail.. a free book and lots of palettes and brushes as well as my actual work with dvd's. You get a personal tutor who you can email and a student forum to meet people just like you!

Wait for more in the future but just to clarify.. I still love makeup reviewing and books so do expect them still!

I posted a picture on instagram of everything I got in the package if you wanna look.


Monday, 19 January 2015

In The Miso Soup - Ryu Murakami

If you're looking for a light fluffy read, Murakami's stuff is not the stuff for you. Not confusing Ryu's work with Haruki Murakami, same name different authors not related. 

Ryu Murakami was the writer of  Audition. He was the one who first sparked my interest into the Asian horror scene. I've always been a huge fan of British and American writers like Stephen King and James Herbert but their work is becoming more and more mild as they age, with Stephen King moving onto things like Crime and Drama I'm craving something scary and raw and 'In The Miso Soup' really delivered that for me, while it is not a long read.. from you the moment you begin it captures you and really makes you continuously read.. I personally completed this in two hours.. that's solidly reading as well so.. make sure you have a drink or something before you do that. 

The main characters are Kenji, a tour guide for tourists in Japan who are looking for more than just a party and his new customer Frank, a man with more than just one secret, multiple personalities and a look that would make anyone question his motives. While Frank has more than enough money took keep Kenji out, Kenji develops a strange feeling about Frank after he continuously debates about homeless people, sex workers and Japanese life in general. From there on, you'll have start reading it because Franks stranger than he seems. 

When reading this book, remember that if you're reading this, it was originally in Japanese so there are a few mistakes, mainly things you wouldn't notice unless you read twice or didn't quite get the sentence. 

Ryu Murakami also wrote Audition and Piercings.. Audition was remade into a film (subtitled into English) which features Ryo Ishibashi who featured in the American remakes of The Grudge 1 & 2 and Suicide Club (a Japanese bunny horror) and Eihi Shiina who also featured on Tokyo Gore Police and had a small part in Outrage.  Audition is next on my list to read but I do not have Piercings. 
In The Miso Soup retails for £8.99 in the UK currently but is very hard to find as I found that the waterstones always told me the Asian books I wanted to read were 'not being published any longer' but then.. were on the website to be dispatched in 24 hours. 
Strange but.. 



Wednesday, 7 January 2015

No More Dirty Looks - Siobhan O'Connor

I picked this book up around, start of December end of November time after I heard Ashley from youtube channel MakeupTIA, shes very into using organic products on her skin and feeding her skin healthy products, in the last year I also have increased my use of organic and natural products whilst still treating myself to luxury products occasionally. 

This book focuses on the ingredients we feed our skin and the governments opinions on the products that are contained in the products we use. I became interested in this also when I watched a documentary on modern women in the 1800's and 1900's and the products they used to make themselves more beautiful to the man and themselves. Pumping toxins and horrible ingredients into their skin without even knowing it, even rat poison. Around the world, law states that companies have to list what is used in their products, however you never know how much is in the product and like the USA we do not know what is used within the product 'fragrance and perfume' because they simply don't have to list it. This book is such an insightful way of learning what most products have in them, how it affects us and how it will be listed. This book doesn't tell you to throw away all your products, it just informs you a bit more on what is in there and how it can affect your health in the long run. 

For me, I got a lot of products from Christmas therefore, I'm going through my supply and sticking to the products I know are clean and safe. I do not plan on throwing away my makeup because it's got a bad ingredient in there, I'm just making wiser choices when it comes to simple things like Shampoo, deodorant and face cleansers. 

This book also tells you what foods are great for your body and skin, and how often you should eat it. Siobhan and the other author Alexandra Spunt wrote this in a really clever way, they really added their personality into the book so it didn't feel like just constant information being thrown at you. 
I'm very aware on what I'm putting on my head and face especially, all you think about after you've read this is absorption and how much is sinking into your skin.  I took a few recommendations from the book itself and did some research myself.

I feel like new year is the perfect time to read this, new year new you right? Give it a try and see how you feel once you had a read.. at first you wanna throw everything away but you do realize that would be a waste of money. 

Things I changed; 
Deodorant - I now use a brand called Jason, you can purchase this at Target (USA) and Holland and Barrett (UK) or online at FeelUnique. However not all the line uses clean ingredients but most stuff does.  
Shower gel - Once I use up a few other things, I plan on sticking to the company REN for some luxury, Deepsteep and Dr Bronners. I also know that Burts Bees don't use sulfates and I will be using a few L'Occitane products as it's my favorite. For bath salts, I love the Neal's Yard brand. 
Shampoo -  John Masters Zinc Shampoo and Conditioner, Aveda Scalp Benefits and Macadamia.. Shampoos without sulfates can often feel very different, which the book does warn you. They do not foam up like normal shampoos and you need very little. So you're under the illusion that it's not cleaning you as well. 


Friday, 2 January 2015

Not That Kind of Girl - Lena Dunham

I have always loved Lena Dunham's work I watched Girls the minute it came out and when I learned of Tiny Furniture I jumped on watching it. I brought this book when it first came out in the UK, I couldn't wait to start reading it as soon as I got home.. and it sure did deliver. 

This book, I'd say it's kind of a biography as well self-help and advice. I think in a way, it could help a lot of girls struggling in different situations even boys. It touches on subjects such as Weight, Homosexuality and Sex. Much of the book is really set in hers years through college, some childhood and a little of her adult working life. S hes got this raw humor that she adds into her work that just really makes things so brilliant. I hate watching shows that sugar coat everything.. nothing is how it really is.. the show Girls actually had what I'd call normal people (people that perfect in weight, hot blondes) and not just drama all the time like most shows. And that's what I liked about this book as well, most biographies go from one drama to the next of what happened in these peoples lives and it's like... did that really happen in the space of a week, I liked that shes so normal even though she is famous and it's just refreshing to think that a celebrity hasn't added things in to make it sound better than it was.  She's honest about everything, about her family, her stories about college.. (it's what happens to most people when you go university or college) and her issues. 

Sorry I'm rambling.. 

My favorite part of the book was definitely the Body section and a small bit under the Section friendship called 13 Things I've Learned Are Not Okay to Say to Friends. I often find myself thinking some of those things oops. Section 2; Body was definitely the one that made me laugh the most. I just think that with girls today, most if not all would be able to relate. There's a time when most girls think they need to extreme diet and write down a journal of everything they eat and how many calories is in what. It's stupid to think we need to, we don't we just need to learn to love ourselves and be happy but it's nice to know that their are people in the media who've done it themselves.

And to round it off, If Lena Dunham ever does read this.. she'll probably think god this girl is crazy but she should know.. I loved the book and would definitely read it again which is something I rarely do.. especially with bio's. 

her website;